kava kava tincture, Kava Kava Root - Piperaceae
Kava Kava Root - Piperaceae

Kava Kava Root - Piperaceae

R. Terra
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Kava Kava Root Extract liquid - Organic | Fair-Trade | Cruelty- free | Raw | | Vegan Piperaceae 

Tincture 1:3 Organic alcohol. 1 ml (30 drops) provides 333mg 

Direction - Pour 1 ml + 30 drops in 4-ounce glass of water.

Type of Diet: Atkins, Ayurvedic, Diabetic, Halal, Keto, Kosher, Low Carb, Low Fat, Natural, Organic, Zero Carb 

Size 1 oz , 2 oz

Kava Extract by R.TERRA may work to alleviate certain symptoms associated with mild anxiety or trouble sleeping. This liquid supplement contains kava (piper methysticum)‚ that might serve as a mild sedative. Notably‚ could potentially work to boost gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels in your brain. Since GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter‚ it might have a mild calming effect on your nerves as a result‚ may promote relaxation and help address some symptoms related to mild nervousness. also provides kava lactones‚ such as kawain‚ dihydrokawain‚ and methysticum. might work to relieve certain symptoms related to mild pain or tension by acting like gentle muscle relaxants. 

Made in Usa

Constituent of Kava Kava Root

Are the kavalactones (also called kavapyrones) and Some minor constituents, including three chalcones, flavokavain A, flavokavain B, and flavokavain C
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