My Story

I was born surround jungles in Brazil and Peru and always being connected to nature and an herbal lifestyle. I grew up farming at jungles using natural products to remedy my everyday life problems. In 2018, I decided to finally answer the call and reveal my earth (R.Terra) through an online store specializing in bulk herbs, tinctures, pills, and natural herbal supplements and natural cosmetic. I am offering products that are my way of living and easy solution for my everyday routines. R.Terra products provides vitality, energy, weight loss and weight management, detox, overall nutrition, and hair and skin care.

Performance: I have been twice men's fitness Brazil, regional swimming Champion and Sprint, Currently I am Jiu Jitsu purple belt Fighter, and Muay Thai " Kick Boxing' blue arm band along with I lift weights and practice Yoga. '2.30 training daily'

R.Terra - Health Supplements Were Designed by me and were made to provide Strength, Endurance, Vitality, Detox, Weight Loss, Energy and Longevity 

R.Terra - Cognition Products: I take some of my products to learn languages, Graduate. I learnt English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish they really improving memory, energy and mental clarity. 

R.Terra - Skin, Body and Hair Products: I source most rom my land Brazil Peru and few in Europe they are uniques products anti -aging oils, butters, plants and flowers well extracted to make my cosmetics.