My Story

A Brazilian native, Richeli was always connected to nature and an herbal lifestyle. He grew up farming from the land and using natural products to remedy life’s everyday problems. His need to maintain a natural diet and home care regimen while traveling the world working as an International model did not diminish over time, but in fact, increased with every country visited, every new discipline learned, and every language learned as he was adamant on maintaining his physique and looks, naturally. As he grew his network of colleagues, friends, and fans questions continued to flow about his regimen on how he maintained his health with such a taxing job. In 2018, he decided to finally answer the call and reveal his earth (R.Terra) through an online store specializing in herbs, tinctures, pills, and teas indigenous to his native country of Brazil that represents his daily routine of vitality, energy, weight management, overall nutrition, hair, and skin care.