Pracachy Oil

Pracachy - Organic

Fatty acids of pracachy oil

Lauric acid 1.8% Myristic acid 1.8% Palmitic acid 3.0% Stearic acid 3.0% Oleic acid 5.0% Behenic acid 21.0% Lignoceric acid 16.0% Saturated 50% Unsaturated 50%


Our Amazon nature born pracachy is reported to have numerous benefits It is useful for the anti-aging, damaged, dry and mature skin.


  • To balance the color and tone of the skin.
  • It hydrates and smoothens skin.
  • It has anti-inflammatory active principles.
  • It renews the cells. 
  • It is used to treat depigmentation, skin spots, acne scars, and acne.
  • In hospitals to clean skin after surgery, heal ulcers and treat snake bites.
  • It helps to prevent stretch marks and also treat skin infections. 
  • To prevent hair loss as a treatment for rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. 
  • To cure blisters, to treat erysipelas which is a skin infection that is caused by bacteria.
  • It has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. 












Brightness, silkiness, softness and Protection, Control of volume, Natural silicone, Double tips, Dryingness, Frizz Control, Detangle and Provide Shine to the hair.


Skin care


Healing, Erysipelas, Spots, keloids, Wrinkles, expression lines, Psoriasis, Drying Anti-aging and antiinflammatory

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