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Summary of Paullinia cupana

Primary Information, Benefits, Effects, and Important Facts

Paullinia cupana, also known as guarana, is a fruit bearing tree, the seeds of which are ground into powder and used in traditional Amazonian medicine.

Guarana is supplemented primarily for its stimulant properties.

Guarana may have additional anticancer effects, but much more research is needed to confirm this effect. Guarana is not a fat burning compound.

Guarana contains xanthines, like caffeine, catechins, tannins, and procyanidins. Though the individual effects of these compounds are known, more research is needed to determine how they interact in guarana.

Though guarana has a high caffeine content, the average guarana dose is low enough to prevent the caffeine from playing an active role.

Guarana plays an important role in Tupi and Guaraní Paraguayan culture. According to a myth attributed to the Sateré-Maué trib. It is found in the Amazon forest Brazil.

Nutricional and constituents value of guarana.

Xanthine, caffeine, catechins, tannins, Procyanidins, saponins phytochemicals, Theobromine, Malic acid, pyro guarana, alkaloids

Guarana seeds full Composition 

The seeds tend to contain:

Caffeine at 3.2–7.0% dry weight (usually at the lower end of that range),thought to be the main bioactive; other xanthines such as theobromine (6.733mg/g) and theophylline are also detectable.This is higher than that seen in black tea leaves (2-3%) and coffee seeds (0.5-1.2%) and leaves (1.0-1.2%) and higher than the caffeine found in Yerba mate

  • Tannins

  • Catechin and epicatechin (4.336mg/g; or 0.4% total for dry weight)

  • Procyanidins B1–B4, A2 and C1

  • Polysaccharides rich in glucose and xylose

  • Dietary fibers including pectins and xylans which appear to be 6% of the seed weight

Guaraná benefits

Guarana is a plant of the Amazon and Brazil. The berries of this plant have a number of health benefits, including the ability to burn fat decrease stress and increase energy, analgesic, increase cardiovascular, premature aging, fights fatigue, mental health among others.


One of the most powerful benefits of guarana is its energizing effects. Guarana has a similar chemical structure to that of caffeine, and the plant seeds provide even higher caffeine effects than typical caffeine drinks, including coffee. Guarana may be more effective than coffee with regards to its energizing power, as guarana is released more slowly into the body to provide sustained energy.

The plant directly stimulates the central nervous system and may be taken in small doses to fight fatigue and increase activity levels.

Weight loss

Guarana has been used for centuries, as the early natives would use it to make teas that would suppress hunger for weight loss. Guarana is used today in certain energy drinks and weight loss supplements to support weight loss by providing stimulation.

Appetite suppressant.

Guarana may promote weight loss by kick-starting the nervous system to induce the process of lipolysis. This process involves the release of fat into the bloodstream where it is used as energy during exercise. guarana is Natural Source of Energy the caffeine content in Guarana is more than the amount present in coffee beans.

Energy booster

This makes it a wonderful energy booster. A natural stimulant, it prevents fatigue. It also prevents a dip in energy levels triggered due to muscle stress.AntioxidantsGuarana may delay in premature aging, given its ability to antioxidant, greater even than green tea and white tea which is rich in catechins. As this study shows, the catechins can reduce oxidative stress, which is usually related to the development of neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular, among other adverse conditions for health and well-being.


In addition to its energizing and weight loss effects, guarana also provides a number of medical benefits for the body, according to Guarana encourages the movement of the bowels, which is a beneficial effect for people suffering from constipation. Additionally, guarana is effective for treating other complications of the bowels, including gas and diarrhea, as it helps to detoxify and cleanse the system. Natural Remedy for Stress:it is known to have calming properties.

A cup of tea with this fruit could actually help to ease the stress levels and improve your mood. Caffeine is known to have positive effects on mood, and this increases alertness and feelings of well-being better Mental Health: Along with facilitating better learning capacities, Guarana is also known to aid in improving intellectual performance. You can use it along with Other R.terra herbs such as Suma, Catuaba for enhanced mental cognition.

This fruit has the potential to improve blood circulation, thus promoting better mental health. blood circulation levels are, the more relief you will get from your migraine and headaches.

Cognitive support

The stimulating effect also helps with the "focus" or approach (concentration), and mental acuity. A more pointed focus and better mental control is a positive effect of the stimulation of the central nervous system. One more farsighted response occurs when it comes to enhancing the ability to study or the resolution of problems.

Digestive System

When used along with Turmeric powder, this can be used to improve digestion power. A natural remedy for bloating and diarrhea,

Guarana has been used across Europe and South America to treat water retention. The fruit is also known to be useful in curing bowel problems and helps in eliminating the wastes and toxins accumulated in the bowels, thus acting as a natural detoxifying agent.

Natural Aphrodisiac

This dietary supplement is known across the world for its natural aphrodisiac properties. The presence of caffeine in this fruit enriches it with its innate libido stimulating properties. Thus, regular use can help a person lead a blissful sexual life.

Cardiovascular health

Also used, in its fair dose, as support for cardiovascular health, in particular, to strengthen the heart, and reduce the formation of clots, Innately blessed with antioxidants, Guarana helps in fighting the free radicals affecting the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The scavenging of these elements thus boosts the power of the cardiovascular system, keeping various heart diseases at bay

Natural Antidote for Menstrual Problems

This is a blessing for women who are prone to painful menstruation. It regulates the cycles and is also known to aid in eliminating the premenstrual symptoms. Women, who feel lethargic and worn out during menstruation, can take the help of Guarana for improving their energy levels.

Natural Blood Thinning Agent

The presence of catechins and caffeine enable these fruits to act as an antiplatelet agent. These ingredients help in lowering the risk of various cardiovascular diseases as well as thrombosis by preventing the blood from thinning, turning ‘sticky’, and form

Natural Analgesic

The caffeine present in Guarana stimulates the circulation of blood. The better the circulation of blood is, the lower the pains experienced in an injury. It acts as a natural analgesic, thereby helping those who are suffering from constant headaches, migraines, as well as menstrual and other pains.

Other Benefits Of Guarana

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, this fruit is beneficial in the following ways as well: Naturally mild diuretic

Ease pain caused due to rheumatoid arthritis

Prevents atherosclerosis and other such medical conditions

A natural tonic and stimulant

Prevents vaginal discharge

A natural antidote for hangovers

Innate anti-depressant properties

Known for its antiseptic properties

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How to Take Paullinia cupana
Recommended dosage, active amounts, other details

To supplement guarana, take 50 – 75mg once a day, before noon. Two divided dose of 50 mg (once after waking up and once shortly after noon) can also be used, for a total daily dose of 100 mg.

Further study is needed to determine the optimal guarana dose.

Guarana is not recommended to be used at night because it contains caffeine and has other stimulatory properties.

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