Tribulus Terrestris tincture
Tribulus Terrestri - Puncture Vine
Tribulus Terrestri - Puncture Vine

Tribulus Terrestri - Puncture Vine

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 Tribulus Terrestris 

Organic - Fair-Trade - Cruelty- free 

Tincture  1:3 | 1 ml ( 30 drops - 333mg) Organic alcohol 

Origen: Bulgary

Powdered Extracts Superfood is soluble in water These extracts are prepared by evaporation methods to remove all liquids. the concentration ratio of powdered extracts may vary ranging from 3:1 to 20:1. it means that herbs are 3 to 20 times stronger than the raw herb powder.
Constituents Value of Tribulus Terrestri

Steroidal saponins  protodioscin  COX-2, protodios, alkaloids paresis - beta-carboline alkaloids harman.

Energy Enhancer - Mood Support. Mood - Supports Urinary Tract

Men's benefits of tribulus terrestris plant 
The Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris for Men's Health. normal testosterone levels contribute to a healthier libido, prostate health, normal testosterone levels also encourage muscle development and contribute to weight loss.

Increases Muscle Mass
By stimulating the production of testosterone and nitric oxide, Tribulus Terrestris can improve performance during exercise and thus accelerate the gain of lean mass. This is because testosterone promotes an increase in strength during workouts, which allows for larger loads and more drawn workouts.

Nitric oxide improves the delivery of oxygen and amino acids to the cells during activities, thus ensuring more nutrients for the muscles to begin the process of reconstructing muscle fibers. there was no further increase in hormone rates in the circulation.

Although the use of Tribulus Terrestris as a stimulant of testosterone production is still controversial (for many professionals, there would not be sufficient scientific support to claim that the plant increases the production of the hormone), its vasodilatory action seems to be proven.

In practice, this means that if there is no definitive evidence that Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone, it is still possible to benefit from the use of the plant because of its effects on the production of nitric oxide.

Improved sexual function

One of the main benefits of Tribulus Terrestris lies in its performance on sexual performance. By stimulating the production of testosterone and promoting vasodilation in the genital region, the plant helps in the recovery of libido and in the treatment of sexual impotence and infertility.


Studies indicate that Tribulus Terrestris may be an ally of cardiac health for two reasons. First, because of the activation of the protein kinase c epsilon (PKCε), tribulosin (one of the saponins naturally present in the plant) can help protect the heart cells against early death.

And also because there is evidence that another saponin, protodioscin, has the ability to inhibit angiotensin. When in excess in circulation, this enzyme alters blood pressure and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blood pressure

Besides acting in the control of angiotensin levels, the saponins also stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a gas that has vasodilator potential. Relaxation of the vessel wall improves blood circulation and contributes to the reduction of blood pressure.

addition to the benefits mentioned Tribulus Terrestris works to improve kidney and liver function, increase physical vigor, fatigue, decrease the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

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