“Brain Tonic” Muira Puama - Ptychopetalum olacoides

On this article i would like you take a look at it some researches done in Muira Puama - Ptychopetalum olacoides

Muirapuama or potency wood (Ptychopetalum olacoides) is a species of small trees native to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil

Overall health benefits of Muiripuama overall promotes brain development and healing, decreases stress, boost stamina, decrease body fat percentage,  helps cholesterol, memory, and fatigue.


Anxiety - Memory

Helps with Stress-Induced Depression
Chronic stress can lead to HPA-axis dysfunction, which is often found in anxiety. Marapuama extract treated stress-induced



Only in "Women"


Enhance Memory improved memory retrieval without interfering with acquisition or consolidation also restored memory with brain damage. Moreover,  + a 5-HT2A blocker is as effective as two blockers, which is the treatment used to enhance memory consolidation.
Promotes the Growth of Neurons Which Can Help with Memory and Learning Processes
In cell-based studies, some constituents of Muiripuama (polyclonal hemiacetal and polyclonal) promoted the growth of neurons by increasing NGF.

Promnesic effects of Ptychopetalum olacoides in aversive and non-aversive learning paradigms.



Nootropic Acetylcholinesterase inhibition in cognition-relevant brain areas. Treated with a nootropic Amazonian herbal (Marapuama) or (Muira Puama -Ptychopetalum olacoides)

This study provides definitive proof of meaningful anticholinesterase activity compatible with the observed promnesic and anti-amnesic effects of POEE., Reaffirming the potential of this extract for treating neurodegenerative conditions where a hypofunctioning cholinergic neurotransmission is prominent. Adequate assessment of the safety and efficacy of this extract and/or its isolated active compound(s) are warranted.


May Benefit the Brain by Decreasing Damage to Neurons
Antioxidants in Muirapuama were able to cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce damaging oxidative stress. In cell-based studies, marapuama extract protected neurons from oxidative stress induced by lack of glucose and oxygen.

“Brain Tonic”


Helps with Fatigue
is effective in treating weakness after an illness or a general lack of energy. It helps with mental or physical fatigue, irritability, and headaches.

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Constituents value of muiripuama
The root and bark of marapuama are rich in fatty acids, fatty acid esters, essential oils, plant sterols, and triterpenes. coumarin, lupeol, and alkaloid muirapuamine.

  • 7-oxo-kolavelool
  • 7alpha-hydroxykolavelool
  • 6alpha,7alpha-dihydroxykolavenol
  • 12-oxo-hardwickiic acid
  • ptycholid I
  • ptycholide II
  • ptycholide III
  • ptycholide IV

Diterpenoids are natural compounds With antibacterial,and anti-inflammatory properties." Eight " new clerodane type diterpenoids, named 7-oxo-kolavelool (1), 7alpha-hydroxykolavelool (2), 6alpha,7alpha-dihydroxykolavenol (3), 12-oxo-hardwickiic acid (4), ptycholide I (5), ptycholide II (6), ptycholide III (7), and ptycholide IV (8).

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