Mucuna Pruriens L- Dopa Velvet Bean

Mucuna Pruriens L- Dopa Velvet Bean

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Mucuna Pruriens L- Dopa Velvet Bean 60% L Dopa

Organic - Fair-Trade - Cruelty- free - Vegan 

Origen: India

Type of Diet: Atkins, Ayurvedic, Diabetic, Halal, Keto, Kosher, Low Carb, Low Fat, Natural, Organic, Zero Carb, Paleo 

Size 1 oz, 3 oz

Suggest Used: Mix 750 mg 60% L- Dopa with smoothies, juices or water

Heath benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Improves memory
  • May boost brain function
  • May prevent stress and Reduces anxiety

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