Rosemary tincture -  Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary -  Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

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Rosemary -  Rosmarinus officinalis

Organic - Fair-Trade - Cruelty- free  - Vegan

Origen: Brazil and Argentina  

Tincture: 1:3 | 1 ml ( 30 drops - 333mg) Organic alcohol 

Chemical Value of Rosemary

Main active ingredients carnosol, carnosic acid, and rosmarinic acid

Nutritional Value of Rosemary

Vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, copper, calcium, and magnesium, and an abundance of B vitamins, such as pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, folates.

Health Benefits of Rosemary

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. 
Improving digestion. 
Enhancing memory and concentration.
Neurological protection. 
Prevent brain aging. 

At R. Terra, our mission reaches far beyond just being a provider of herbal products and supplements. We believe that for every disease or problem, there is a natural cure based in herbalism and shaman healing.

At R.Terra, Is committed to providing longevity and vitality through superfoods, herbs, and natural cosmetics. These provide energy, antioxidants, detoxing, weight management and supports the immune system.

About Our Cosmetics - Are all natural, Certified Organic, Sustainable and They are sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, Cruelty-free, They are created with Plant-based, Cold pressed butter and oils. We do not use any chemicals, fillers, or preservatives in our products, Free from Toxins.

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