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The concept of phytoandrogens, meaning plants that contain androgens or those that stimulate androgenic activity in men, is relatively new. Phytoestrogens have a much deeper history, and most clinicians and many people have at least some idea of their existence. Phytoandrogens do the same things that phytoestrogens do, except they do it for men and they do not supply estrogens, they provide androgens. Phytoandrogens increase the body’s levels of free testosterone, and they shift the androgen/ estrogen balance more toward the androgen side of the equation.

Plants do this by directly supplying androgens such as testosterone, stimulating the body’s production of androgens, or by interfering with the breakdown (or conversion) of androgens into estrogens or their binding to SHBG or albumin.

Pine pollen is an example of a plant that supplies significant quantities of testosterone and other androgens. 

The ginsengs (asian, Catuaba, eleutherococcus) Suma root and tribulus are examples of plants that stimulate the production of androgens in the body.

Nettle root is an example of a plant that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogens and interferes with its binding to inert substances in the body. Plants that contain testosterone are ubiquitous in the environment, but very little research has been done on them.

Hopefully, as knowledge of phytoandrogens becomes more widespread, research will follow along.

There are a great many plants out there that contain testosterone or other androgens; it’s just that no one has been looking for them. The following herbs are some of the most powerful phytoandrogens known so far. The plant that contains the most testosterone (and other androgens) is, at this point, pine, especially its pollen.

Natural Testosterone Enhancement Protocol Pine pollen tincture: ⅜ tsp. three times per day Nettle root: 1000 mg per day Tribulus: 400 mg three times per day Panax ginseng: ¼ tsp. daily Tienchi ginseng: ⅓ tsp. three times per day Eleuthero: 1 tsp. twice a day Catuaba extract 250 mg a day. 

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