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tucuma butter
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Tucuma Butter
Tucuma Butter
Tucuma Butter
Tucuma Butter

Tucuma Butter

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Tucuma Butter - Best Raw Tucuma butter - Raw - Organic - Cold Pressed - Unrefined 

Moisturizes the skin and prevents the loss of water, thanks to lauric acid that creates a protective barrier, without clogging the pores. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is a great moisturizer for acne skin. Its very high amount of vitamin A helps in tanning and has antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Tucuma butter is rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acids. It is an excellent emollient that has a high spreadability and provides a silky soft touch to the skin. It is very rich in vitamins A (the vitamin A content reaches 50,000 u.i. per 100g of pulp, three times more than the carrot). This high content of provitamin A, mainly carotenoids, gives it a high antioxidant capacity. Also rich in B1, B2, C and pectin, an important natural fiber. It is rich in omega 3,6 and 9, behaving like an excellent moisturizer with high-fat content because it contains lauric, myristic and oleic acids. is high in lauric, myristic, and oleic fatty acids – excellent for maintaining moisture in the skin

Origen: Amazon Rainforest South America

Size 1 oz - 4 oz - 8 oz - 1 lbs 

Fatty acid of Tucuma butter 

Lauric acid 55, Miristic acid 30, Stearic acid  3, Oleic 10, Linoleic 3, Capric acid 3, Caprylic 1.5 

 Tucuma for hair


Tucumã butter has the function of restoring and moisturizing damaged hair and moisturizing the skin. It forms a protective layer that protects the hair and the skin, but being natural does not prevent the absorption of nutrients in the hair nor obstructs the pores, and can be used by all skin types. The 100% natural butter of tucumã is extracted from the seeds and the pulp and rich in lauric, oleic and myristic acid. It has a high content of vitamin A, compared to buriti. It also has B vitamins and vitamin C.

Hair: it is great for curls, as it moisturizes and nourishes while assisting in the formation of curls. Helps to recover hair that has undergone smoothing and relaxation, dry hair, rough hair, and double ends. Vitamins A, B, and C help stimulate the growth of strong, healthy yarns. Lysine also helps in healthy growth and serves as a supplement in natural straightening.

Is high in lauric, myristic, and oleic fatty acids – excellent for maintaining moisture in the hair. It can also be used on the skin and its properties play a major role in alleviating dry skin, stretch marks, scarring, and other skin conditions. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin. is ideal for frizzy, dry, dull and damaged hair. 2C – 4C hair types would love this.


 Tucuma butter is very similar to palm kernel butter in appearance, consistency, and property but with higher and favorable melting point. It is known that butter with lauric acid has a key role in immune system function and prevention of various diseases. Due to its grease composition and unsaponifiable matter, Tucuma butter forms a protective film on the skin and hair without causing damage to the lipid exchange.

Forms a transparent protective film on the skin, similar silicone without clogging the pores. The lipid exchange of the skin is not damaged and works well on dry skin and even on oily ones.

Tucuma butter is excellent for formulations for dry hair with split ends. Penetrates the cuticle of the hair to replace the loss of structural lipids and replenish moisture, giving back the natural elasticity, leaving them soft, strong and silky. Highly recommended for the formation of curled hair and regeneration of ethnic hair.

Use in cosmetics. Body butter, cream butter, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hair mask, balm, hair pomade, facial oil serum.


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